Client Alert: Presentation of a draft law on controlled immigration and asylum – March 1st, 2018

The Bill for a controlled immigration and an effective right of asylum was presented on 21 February 2018 in Council of Ministers, and registered at the Presidency of the National Assembly the same day. The government has committed to this bill the accelerated procedure provided for in article 45, paragraph 2, of the Constitution. It is the measures impacting professional immigration that are presented here.

Dual Citizenship Report

As a top tier specialized law firm in France, Karl Waheed Avocats is pleased to have been selected to contribute to the Dual Citizenship Report.

The Dual Citizenship Report is a definitive guide to Dual Citizenship based on the legislation different in the numerous countries throughout the European Region through a collaboration of over 30+ European Law firms.  The report was compiled and edited by our Maltese partners, Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates and can be found on the, which offers the report on an interactive platform, making it more widely accessible.

Our firm has contributed to the France chapter, where we outlined the most recent developments in the legislation on the different ways of acquiring citizenship in our jurisdiction as well as the possibility or lack thereof of holding dual citizenship.

We are pleased to form part of this comprehensive legal analysis and we look forward to further contributions and updates.

The EU-Canadian Trade Agreement CETA’s Impact on French Immigration

CETA creates several new categories of temporary workers who are allowed to enter the EU market via service contracts between Canadian and European corporations. These temporary workers must remain on their Canadian payroll, and are limited in the duration of their stay in the EU.

At present, CETA changes very little for a Canadian businessperson hoping to work in France. Although CETA has provisionally entered into effect, France has yet to act on the newly-created categories of temporary workers who are entitled to visa to work in France.

Client Alert : professional immigration on its way to be dematerialized – Dec. 8, 2017

The French government, in its continual effort to facilitate international professional mobility, is rolling out several digital tools, to simplify entry and work procedures in France for foreign employees. The latest important innovation is the portal “France Visa” which allows applying for visa online. This portal is an addition to a number of other dematerialized applications already in place for registration and declarations relating to the international mobility of foreign employees.

Breakfast Discussion, Karl Waheed Avocats, Nov. 28, 2017


Violaine Jaussaud – KARL WAHEED Avocats
Guillaume Bordier – CAPSTAN Avocats
Colonel Yannick Herry – Head of “Office central de lutte contre le travail illégal”